Quality Instruments: Shopping the World Wide Web

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Today is the age of global shopping. We as consumers are no longer bound to purchase items from local businesses or even major chain department stores in our community. We can now purchase world wide and have pretty much anything we want shipped conveniently to our doorstep.

How can we guarantee that we are getting a quality product, especially if we don’t have a great deal of experience with the product for which we are shopping? The simple answer to this questions is, we can’t, but this wouldn’t be a good blog if we just left you hanging with that answer. Here are some shopping tips for purchasing an instrument on the web.

If it comes in purple…don’t buy it! There are many mass made, low quality instruments available for sale on the web at fantastic prices. Many will offer instruments in various colors such as purple, blue, pink, etc. These instruments are constructed with low quality materials and are typically not made well (even the “normal” colored versions). Reputable instrument repair shops will not work on these instruments because replacement parts are not available and the quality of the instrument is so poor that repairs that are made typically don’t hold. Purchase these instruments at your own peril and know that if the instrument ever needs repair you will probably need to replace the instrument completely.

Ask your music teacher or other professionals.¬†Your teacher or your student’s music teacher are a great resource for instrument purchase guidelines. They will be able to tell you the name brands to choose from and typically ones to stay away from as well. They make these recommendations based on their personal classroom experiences with the various instrument brands over the years.

Check with your local music store. We are here to serve you and to be a great resource for you so that we can earn your business. We strive to provide quality products at a great price so that you or your student can achieve your potential.

Test play the instrument. ¬†Looking to purchase a used instrument from the web? Have a professional musician play the instrument or take it to a local instrument repair shop before making the purchase (or within the return timeframe) to see what kind of repairs it may need. That $50 clarinet may look like a great deal, but when you have to spend $200 in repairs to get the instrument to function properly it’s not such a great deal after all.

Have an online instrument purchase experience? Tell your story in the comments below.

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