Band and Orchestra Music Instrument Rental Program

What is the Rental Program?

We offer a month-to-month music instrument rental program with payments applying to the purchase of an instrument. You have the option to return, or exchange your instrument at any time. Miles Ahead Music features a complete selection of only director approved and universally recognized band and orchestral instruments.We also are home to a music accessories department stocked with everything you need to maintain and care for your instrument.

Band and Orchestra Music Instrument Rental Agreement

Miles Ahead Music’s Instrument Rental Program is designed to provide music students with quality musical instruments for a modest initial investment. The Non-Refundable Initial Payment covers the first month’s rent and our rental agreement processing costs. The customer will be automatically charged the monthly rental payment via the debit or credit card on file until the instrument is returned to Miles Ahead Music or the instrument is paid in full, whichever comes first.  We also offer an early payoff discount for those who choose to buy out the contract.

Rental Agreement Requirements

In order to rent an instrument, Miles Ahead Music requires:

  1. Student is enrolled in a beginning band or orchestra program in a public or private school
  2. Valid employment/income
  3. Valid Driver’s License
  4. Major Credit Card
  5. Social Security Number


N/LN – New / Like New

Used – Fine Quality Used Instruments

music instrument rental

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Search For Instrument Rental Pricing Below

Type Instrument Condition Monthly Rental Price
Band Drum and Bell Kit NLN $20
Band Bell Kit NLN $20
Band Flute NLN $30
Band Flute Used $25
Band Clarinet NLN $30
Band Clarinet Used $25
Band Trumpet NLN $30
Band Trumpet Used $25
Band Trombone NLN $30
Band Trombone Used $25
Band Alto Sax NLN $50
Band Alto Sax Used $45
Band Baritone Horn NLN $50
Band Baritone Horn Used $45
Band Oboe NLN $60
Band Oboe Used $55
Band Tenor Sax NLN $60
Band Tenor Sax Used $55
Band French Horn NLN $60
Band French Horn Used $55
Orchestra Violin $25
Orchestra Viola $30
Orchestra Cello $45
Orchestra Double Bass - Undersized $65
Orchestra Double Bass - 3/4 Size $95

*Like New and Used instruments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  If your selection is not available we will upgrade you automatically to the next available level (Used to Like New, Like New to New).  We will do our best to accommodate your request.