Step Up Series, Part I: What is a Step Up Instrument?

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‘Tis the rebate season and all the major instrument brands have rolled out their winter step up instrument rebate specials.  “Well, just what is all the big to do about step up instruments?” you might ask.  That is the question I plan on answering in this Step Up Series.  Today we are going to cover the most basic information about step up instruments.

What is a step up instrument?

A step up instrument is an intermediate or professional level instrument that is made of better quality materials and design than a basic student instrument.

The upgrades in materials that step up instruments possess enable the player to achieve a more rich and robust sound than could be achieved on a student instrument.  Sound quality improvement alone takes good musicians and gives them the platform on which to become great musicians.

Designed with the advancing and professional musician in mind, step up instruments accommodate advanced embouchure and technique.  They are designed with better intonation (how in tune you are with yourself and with others), response, and key work to allow the musician to play uninhibited by the instrument.  Most advanced instruments even offer additional keys needed in order to perform more advanced music repertoire.

You now know the “What.”  Stay tuned in to for “Step Up Series, Part II:  Why should I step up?”

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