Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary Edition

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Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary Edition

By Kristian

We at Miles Ahead Music are proud to announce we have two exciting new commemorative Xeno trumpets in stock. To celebrate 25 years of innovation by designers, artists, and trumpet players around the world, Yamaha has released the YTR-8335IIRS25TH Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Xeno Bb trumpet. Based on the popular YTR-8335IIRS Xeno Bb trumpet, the 25th Anniversary Xeno trumpet features the same .459” medium-large bore, reversed leadpipe and yellow-brass bell. However, this limited edition has numerous features unique to this trumpet.

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary 3

A beautifully curved double tuning slide brace design, a rarity in most reverse leadpipe trumpets, also provides sonic benefits. The flowing form of this brace adds ideal resistance to the free-blowing reversed leadpipe design. The bell, features a “Xeno 25th Anniversary” engraving. It is a lighter and slightly more open 5in bell which produces a warm and brilliant tone with excellent projection.

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary 6

The piston buttons, valve caps, and bottom caps on the Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary Edition are the same as those used on the Xeno Artist Model and gold plated to help create an impressive visual presence. The supplied mouthpiece is a 16C4 (similar to the Bach 3C), and has been gold-plated for a smooth feel and tonal depth.

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary 4

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary 5

A backpack-style hard case in blue embodies the essence of the 25th anniversary YTR-8335RS25TH model, providing durability and protection with a luxurious appearance.  Also included is a complimentary accessory package provided through the Yamaha Corporation. This includes a Yamaha SILENT Bass system, a pair of Yamaha EPH-100 earphones, Trumpet stand from K&M and a leather mouthpiece pouch from Protec.

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary 1

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary 2

The Yamaha Xeno Trumpet 25th Anniversary Edition is a beautifully crafted instrument with a characteristic yet unique sound. My impression from playing this horn is it has a well rounded tone and great play-ability. This is a controllable and easy slotting horn that will willingly accept the input and direction you give it. If you ask this horn for a bright timbre of sound it will willingly give it to you, if you ask it for a dark rich tone and you will not be let down. This horn could easily fit in a jazz combo or big band Friday night, and still sound big and beautiful at your wedding gig the next day. Having been based on the Xenos of the past we know that these horns have lived up to the versatility demanded of them. So be sure to stop by Miles Ahead Music and grab one of these workhorse trumpets before someone else starts making history with these beautiful horns.

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